“Passing/   /Time”

Today is the celebration of the independence of what is now “The United State of America”🇺🇸

   I’m mostly proud of what that means to be from this particular heritage. Historically speaking, it was the merger of Democracy and Free Market Capitalism in the most profound manner. The freedoms I know today, were realized from the blood and sacrifices of those, who held those rights to the highest level.  I can never live up to the gratitude I have,  to those women, children, and men accepting the challenge laid before them, and giving their lives for me to live free. Words are not adequate to define what that means to me. I’m tearing up as I write this. 

All that being said, it only delivers a positive feeling, when you measure the long term benefits to humanity. There have been plenty of fuck ups along this path. Let’s not forget about allowing slavery to exist from this humble beginning. Special interest stuck it’s ugly foot in the doors of justice from day one. Had the capitalism of that day not been so dependent upon cheap labor to provide prosperity to these dignitaries, they very well may not have succeeded as a new and separate nation state. The atrocities committed against the native people of this continent exceed the disregard we showed the African slaves. We just slaughtered them, and enturned the rest. How many native Americans live in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, and California? Those are the most populous states in the country. They all generate economic benefits the size of small countries, yet measure their social construct? 

Now that I’ve digressed, let’s get back to today, the here and now. We make up a little less than 5% of the worlds population, and only 27% of us have a passport, suggesting slightly over 1.5% of all the people on this planet, live in the U.S. and venture out into the world. How can that other 73% really comprehend what the hell is happening around the world? Yet, they spew their ignorant commentary all over their social media outlets, as if they are the experts on the human condition. 

Now, you can begin to see how a person acting as the president garners the attention he’s getting from this country. We’re essentially a melting pot of misinformed opinions, wishing we knew what the fuck we’re talking about. 83% of the adults can’t compound $50,000.00 at 29% interest, but they can freely share some stupidity comparisons they read on Facebook. Sadly, learning is not considered by the majority as a lifetime endeavor, but rather transforms into gossip and hearsay to feed our anxiety over this entire mess. 

#Independence Day


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