“Just/ /Because”

“Renew, Refresh, Restore, Recommit…”

At 55, I’ve mostly fulfilled the previous aspirations of my life. There’s an aweful lot that goes into a lifetime, and I’m certainly grateful for the part that’s transpired thus far. That’s not to say it’s all been good, but I’m blessed to have been given the opportunities that have brought me to where I sit at the present. Knowing now, the impact of family, culture, timing, and circumstances, I’m able to experience my life in a a fully beneficial manner. Gone are the stresses of anxiety about the future, regrets about the past, fear about handling the problems one encounters. Present is the understanding about why I’m me, and the gratitude for being myself. It seems as though, the majority of folks are seeking this type of awareness in some way or another, or attempting to justify why they can’t find it. Let me share some of the details behind how I arrived at this place in my life, maybe it can help someone else to identify their path.

“Your childhood is important…but, you must overcome it”

The things that go into early childhood development are massive in scope to the adults we become, yet can be offset by our perspective of what that means to us as we mature. A good childhood can go in the shitter, if we don’t take the reigns of responsibility for being an adult, just as a bad childhood can be overcome by the will to achieve a better life once the adult in us takes charge. “Make any sense out of that?” This Self in us can be a powerful muthafucka! It can wreck the shit out of the best laid plans, or it can overcome the most adversity you’ve ever fucking imagined. The trick is the lens that Self sees the world through, for its perspective that’s key. “Victim vs. Confidence” guides us into the category of the dichotomy of reality. Look, every human alive, or who’s ever lived has problems within their lifetime. Warren Buffet’s problems are just at a different level than yours. (Unless you’re Mr. Buffet) Everyone is a victim to something, but seeing yourself as such, versus not accepting this role is the key.

“What…how did I get here?”

Feeling the tools within to be a functioning mature adult is a treacherous path to follow. Too much of that confidence, and you cloud the lens for making decisions about life. Too little confidence, and the guilt trip of victim takes the wheel. The balance comes from untangling the emotional/rational mess that is prevalent in our species with acceptance of what is understood about our species, and applying it to the Self. The negotiations between the emotional and rational Self will whip your ass, if you allow that conflict to evolve. Call this “The Human Condition” given its prevalence across our species over our existence. Seeing yourself through the lens of confidence, yet realizing the role emotions play within us gives you the authority to manage the Self within. There are some amazingly brilliant folks, who’ve spent their lives developing the current understanding for all this shit, we just need to take the time to absorb the knowledge they offer, building a story that liberates our narrative from the burdens of the obsolete perspective of the past.

“Pick up a book…that’s, not about romance or murder.”

Observatin is a tricky little bitch, because we never believe what we observe applies to ourself. Daniel Kahneman wrote, “Its not about accepting the validity of the science, it’s about accepting the fact it applies to us”! Getting to truly know yourself involves getting to know our species, and applying it to yourself. This is where shit gets real fucking tricky😳 Who knows more about homosapiens, scientists or clergy? Culture has biased this lens for as long as we’ve known its effects. Today, billions of homosapiens deliberate their Self through this medium, but not in the same capacity along that extensive timeline though. Homosapiens continually justify our behavior and beliefs to align the picture the Self wants to see…oh, and we don’t actually hold that Self accountable. Seeing all this shit for what it actually represents is the “tricky bitch” of observation. Scientists were once considered heretics for their beliefs, yet today all faiths utilize their discoveries, and no one questions the benefits of things such as medicine and the likes.

“What the fuck are you trying to say…?”

My path is not necessarily your path, and I’m not suggesting I know any more about life than you. My point in all this is simply, use the inherent inquisitive nature of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to your advantage. That’s what brought all of us to this very moment in the first place. Don’t accept what you feel as anything more than what it represents, as it shall pass like a turd. Getting insight into the biology of our species will help you be a better you. Today is the “Golden Age” for neuroscience, as discoveries about the functionality of the brain are being identified at an epic rate, and will continue to accelerate as does technology. Faith is not bad, blind faith is just ignorance with a hat on. Love and compassion are very beneficial to “The Human Condition”, yet won’t solve all your conflicts. Happiness isn’t a state of being, it’s just a perspective derived from how you view yourself


“Eating is important…”

“It’s hard out here for a pimp…”



One thought on ““Just/ /Because”

  1. P—Oh my gosh, P, you slay me! Such brilliance, sarcasm, philosophical insight and pragmatism all layered on a sesame seed bun! You are absolutely correct in your summation of the current social agenda that we are all victims. Or so, that is the belief that is encouraged and reinforced by various means. I realize that all of my life I have been allowed to have experiences that have added to the fullness of my human existence and that those experiences do not define me as a person. Similar to having a well-rounded library, I have a well-rounded wealth of life combined with academic knowledge and if I put them all together they spell “wisdom.” On the flip-side, I am a bit of a character and rather unorthodox—but what the hell, why take myself so seriously?! I love what you write, how you write, and how you prepare food! XO DWD

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