“Emotional/ /Intelligence”

“…knowing how to interpret and utilize the proper emotion at the appropriate circumstance.”

i just read a post that was obviously an emotional response to a situation, only their description of the emotions involved blurred the context of the circumstances they were referencing. According to Lisa Feldman Barrett this particular phenomenon is very common amongst the masses. Fuck, I realized halfway through her book “How Emotions are Made” how I personally respond to my own emotions, but understanding the construct of the human condition gives me hope for improvement. You see, I’m on this mission to ripen with age, not rott on the vine.


“…what the hell are you saying dude?”

We have to view our emotions in a granular lens, breaking them down, rather than building them up. “Pain or Pleasure” sit atop our consciousness deflecting all our experiences into these categories. This leads to lumping things rather than distinguishing them. Sad and Mad are not the same thing. They both bring discomfort, but represent different conditions. Thus, breaking down the aspects from these affects forged from the divergent characteristics known as an experience, building the emotion from within us.


“…writing in the moment captures this concept.”

Sometimes a thought is captured by the minds eye, and transforms into beauty. I would love to flush out what’s in me this moment, but the interference of life blocks the flow. I suppose I’ll have to reconnect to this concept later, after I’ve separated from the fracas pulling at my attention.




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