“Under/   /Siege”

“Granny Bug taught me this from the front porch on the farm…I still take leisure to sneak a pee in my own front yard late at night”

Russian engagement with US politics is all the fucktard media wants to convey as the biggest story in the world today. Last time I checked, there were no influential components at the ballot booth, whenever I cast my votes. I may have eaten Chinese food that same day, does that count as collusion? The fact of the matter is we run a popularly contest with the American populous and call it freedom. The saddest aspect is the majority of the citizens haven’t a clue as to how the government actually works. 

“…steeped in tradition”

This ritual of Democracy has been stretched to the fringe of its ability to compromise the interests of the diversity it protects. Too many circumstances spoil the fucking soup! This is social evolution unfolding before you, mixed with a sprinkling of human stagnation. All this freedom is creating gaps in the progress.

“…words of encouragement”

Words give freedom to thoughts and emotions making language the link that carried out ape assed ancestry from Africa to cover the planet. Language is vital to all this damned progress surrounding us. Words are the binding element between you and my bullshit here…



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