“Just/   /Today”


I shan’t bore you with Trump, Russia, or Healthcare given the fact that’s seemingly everywhere you look across the mainstream media landscape. Today is the final day at the office before vacation begins😎 Yessir, fuck the meaningful shit for a bit, it’s about to get culturally enlightening around this blog! Hectic pales in comparison to this past month with respect to work, so I’m truly looking forward to some time to build a better understanding of how other people embrace themselves. (Details will unfold as we progress) 

“…if you want to know what’s truly going on in the world, go see the world”

There’s a grace beyond the spirit for adventure in embracing the vast diversity of cultures on this planet. Humans have carved out some amazing societies along our path to this day. Experiencing this gives depth to ones own personal place within all the billions of others like us. Accepting others in their space of this idea we call humanity is progress for my journey through life. 

“…the interface between nature and culture”

The human imagination travels along the same paths within the brain as our autonomic systems, leading one to believe its as vital as those physiological aspects of circulatory, respiratory, and digestion in maintaining a life support mechanism for each of us. Why the fuck wouldn’t we place the same level of importance on the cultivation of a healthy imagination then? 

“…perspective is really”

Building a perspective requires addition to the present. Shifting your viewpoint requires adjusting the lens for which you see your reality from. Moving your ass to a different location for a couple of weeks gives life to this form of imagination. It’s pretty fucking simple😎


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