“Win/   /Win”

“Inspiration takes a variety of different forms…”

I believe in looking for the best within an experience, mindful of the tolerance necessary to filter out the less than positive aspects. The affect left behind allows me to grow within my existence, and cast a brighter perspective to those I encounter. More often than not, it gives me some measure of comfort as to a purpose for being who I see myself as. Justification, maybe yet I strive to add value to the piece of time I consume. 

“There’s only darkness in the absence of light…”

Striving to make life better for someone other than yourself is easier said than done. It’s easy to tell yourself you’re adding value outside your existence, but if you take away the aspect of self gratification, motivation fades pretty quickly. It’s perfectly fine to feel good about yourself for giving of yourself, I’m merely suggesting that occasionally auditing those dynamics offers a better experience on both sides of the equation. Compassion and tolerance are my ballast for the internal drive to achieve. It seems the spark for motivation is always firing, and the counterbalance I have to continually remind myself about is remembering not everyone has been given the same personal resources as myself. So many people have no idea what is missing from their lives, and even worse, they lack the capacity to figure it out. Frustration with all that only detours my path to a better me, given the conflicts arising from being angry diminish the beauty of everything else. 


What lights a fire within us to cause beneficial behavior from us was my starting point for this particular piece. This notion is pretty much the impetus for this blog period, and its title is derived from a trip to Morocco a few years back. While negotiating with merchants in Casablanca, I dickered the price down on an item, then paid the merchant a bit more than the price agreed upon. His eyes lit up whenever I suggested “Win/Win” was the result of this posturing around a sale. We both got something from our engagement surrounding a transition that was bigger than simply economic exchange. I continually repeated this throughout the remainder of that trip, and you could see the affects in the eyes of everyone I engaged this with. Now, it’s the attitude for my daily existence. 

“Inspire those around you…”

This cycle of inspiration begins and ends with each of us as individuals. It becomes a chain reaction at some point, if we support the premise of how it works. Reciprocity is hard wired into the brains circuitry for how we view ourselves and the relationships with others. Evolutionary incentive to deter the self imposed extinction of our species. Helping others, either directly or indirectly in a broad sense makes us feel good about our lives. Keeping that aspect of self in perspective, and avoiding the utilization of it as a crutch to avoid our own story is vital to fully realizing the benefits and transforming gratitude into inspiration…



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