There have been periods of time, where ruling groups kept tight fisted reigns on the majority of a larger group of people. Their smaller organizations intimidated the larger ones into believing their hopes and dreams didn't amount to enough to really matter. Clashes between ruling groups required human capital to stave off possible loss of territory. Taking other ruling groups shit away from them required the same type of human capital as well. This capital only shared in the loss, gains were driven to the few.

Jamon Iberico…"

Roll forward a few hundred years, and democracy of sorts is born, only it's not very evenly applied to all cultures. Those greedy fucks from the previous era, they hated the idea of common folk having any say so in the affairs of the country, so they fought like hell to squash this new form of self ruling. The mother church wasn't too sure about this free reign, but goddamn these empire smoking fucks were killing the living shit out of all the common folks, and these deviant protestants were being a rectal pain for their assess too. Within a couple hundred years of this giant power struggle, those refugees from Great Britain living in North America said "Fuck This Shit" and decided a war with the motherland was the only solution. History was forever changed, yet the equality issue was still just a line of bullshit. It was about being a land owning white man living in the United States of America.

"Pulpo con Patatas…"

The world of Kings, Queens, Barron's, and Monarch's in general devolved for the majority of the developed societies over the next 170 years. This lead to a hundred year stretch, where more humans were killed than all of time before, as the struggle for the power vacated by the previous ruling groups was acquired, lost, overthrown, propped up, and passed around like NFL coaches. Government transformation from iron fist, to iron clad military machines, with the common folk slaughtered like chickens at a Tyson plant.

"From the sea, to the grill, to your table, to your tummy😍…"

Communism and Capitalism battled it out over the last 72 years, with the winners clearly defined. The only problem is those common folks, they still don't fucking matter to the power brokers except as labor and consumer. I guess the bright side is they're allowed to live without fear of slaughter, and they can eat as much shit food as their big bellies will hold.

"I wonder how many buffet restaurants existed in 1945…?"

The problem today is there's little need for government among progressive societies, and there's more than there has ever fucking been. The United States spends around $3 billion a day on our defense budget, yet exponentially more Americans are killed by each other than foreign aggressor's. All that money diverted to protecting freedom, and the fucktard in North Korea is building nuclear weapons with ICBM's to deliver them wherever the fuck he chooses.

"Pinxto me please…"

My point here is not to bash the U.S. military, don't fucking go there. This is an exercise in imagining the next system for managing the populations of the world, that gives more people an opportunity. Monarchs, Military, and yes Democracy have failed to cover everyone's best interests😳

#hope # change


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