"we're all chasing time, as though there were somehow a way of collecting it…"

 I'm not a skilled writer, so I follow only a couple of processes for crafting a post. I either ponder the title filling in the subsequent content, or identify the subject matter, and backtrack the title.

"Watch the Fuck Out…new tool😎"

Today, the title came up before I could build a story. It was only after I got distracted with streaming some entertainment, that this story about time began to come to life. Watching "Collateral Beauty" the subject of an interpretation for varying concepts of time, came forward. That's not far off how it always seems to occur. I want to write about time, the concept and the reality.

Our lives are measured in finite terms and expressions. The concept of time measurement is derived from the relational rotation of the earth and sun. Seems appropriate we would want to be able to anticipate a human lifetime, given the ability to measure and document such things. It also allows people to fuck off an awful lot too. We all know we all spend our fair share of our lives imagining or daydreaming. I'm not sure what benefits that offers the world?

Time is what we ultimately run out of…the heart stops beating, and we expire. Time marches on, only we no longer account for how it touches us…



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