We all know those folks, who seem to exude themselves onto the world. Without uttering a a word, they appear to have their shit nicely arranged in a manner that causes people to watch them, as if they somehow wished to be like them. These are the ones you can't help but notice amongst a crowd.

"What makes them so…noticeable?"

As you might suspect, evolution plays a role in our individual interpretation of beauty. Certain traits have been identified as advantageous for better offspring, and passed along our generations through genetic coding, so it wouldn't be forgotten, like bell bottom jeans. Others, are unique to the cultural biases ingrained from our formidable surroundings at adolescence. Yes, your first acknowledged crush can skew your future perspective of your selection process.

"People are attracted to happy people…"

Smiles in lieu of scowls are always a beauty signal. Everyone, who appears approachable is usually representing a happy state of being. The guy with the sour angry face gets a lot less inner action than the one with that look that says…"hello". This transcends a vast array of shapes and sizes of humans as well. Common ground for those cultural preferences mentioned before.

"Confidence wins them over…"

Self confidence is magnetic with humans. Overconfidence is toxic though. Not enough, and you appear as a victim, too much, and you're an asshole. Humility is the leveling agent in this paradigm management of self awareness. Anyone, who can openly laugh at themselves without projecting insecurity, expresses the right kind of confidence. On the same hand, being your very own favorite topic…asshole. We've all seen that person, that from a distance aligns with the look, but opens their mouth, fucking that whole first impression completely up.

"Beauty is in the eyes of…"

Physical stature weighs big in our interpretations of others. Proportional distribution is the evolutionary underpinning for this, but advertising and marketing have really screwed this reality way beyond fucked. Men are naturally drawn to the ratio of a woman's hips to waist. Women, naturally assess shoulder and chest to height. Magazines, television, and movies have made everyone believe that supernatural beauty is normal. This begins a a self deprecating spiral towards unrealistic self identification. Healthy body image = accepting what you are, when you're naturally balanced to your ideal state of fitness. Anything less than ideal, you must take the responsibility for, without punishment for being less. Whenever I'm a bit overweight, I don't punish myself, I use it as motivation to return back to a more balanced state. People shouldn't see a struggle with my weight on my face.

"There's beauty inside everyone…if, we take the time to notice, and they take the time to acknowledge within themselves"

How you express yourself cans alter your reflection to others. How you see yourself shines that reflection out upon the world. You, and you alone are the architect behind your experiences and expectations. No one but you realizes what your best is. Stop comparing yourself to anyone other than yourself…past or present. If you're not a better version today, than last years you! Wake the fuck up, and take charge of your life. No one else can😍

#Self #Beautiful People


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