The world is awash with confusion about things. People lump their unpleasant feelings into mismatched baskets labeled with emotional words. Self suggested categories of fundamental psychological ineptitude, so we feel like we're mainstream in our acceptance of personal inadequacy. Pleasure and Pain guide our experiencing notions of what's going on our lives, yet on truly explain the extremes of instances marking these paths. Varying degrees of each delineate the trajectories for both divergent experiences. Like when the nurse asks you to "rate" your pain on a scale of 1-10. All pain does not rate the same!

"Sushi…sushi, sushi"

Americans chase this illusionary thing described as happiness as though we were hunting for the emotional holy grail. Lamenting about the what if's as though their hindsight biases were crystal clear before you decided upon a major life decision. Variety is the spice, regret is the arsenic of life. What you didn't do, or don't have means nothing, if you can't enjoy it today. Throwing years of work away to attain an imagined possibility is fucking stupid. Although, throwing years of hope into a worthless cause is equally as fucked up. My point in all this is to get over what didn't happen, or what did happen and make something beautiful happen in your life!

"BLT on homemade sourdough with fresh garden tomatoes and bacon wrapped stuffed peppers…holy shit😎"

People…just slow your asses down and ground yourself to the important aspects of a life, not just the most emotionally popular ones. Love yourself and accept the responsibility of being you. Hold yourself accountable for being your best version of you, that you can support. Stop looking for answers outside of your own mind, because until you reach this responsibility place, you'll just make excuses for everything else. Open your heart up to love as many people as you can identify as worthy. Some will hurt you, some you will hurt, but if you don't cast a wide net, you will be lonely as fuck somewhere down the line. Spend as much time as responsibly possible laughing with those people you love. That's priceless shit there😍 Stimulate your brain with new experiences as often as possible, it will keep you growing from within. No self deprecating for Christ sake….😳 You don't have to be a self absorbed pig, but give yourself a little cred. Smile…it fucking works!!!

"It's 2 am and I must be hungry…"



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