"Everybody's gotta be some place…"

It takes all kinds, as my Dad used to say. There's plenty of interesting things to read, and some shit that makes you wonder how the fuck the person writing it can muster the ability to wake up every day. I sometimes take this inspiration, both positive and not so much to feed my thoughts for something to write about. Very seldom do I drag the post from which I derive this enthusiasm into the fray, but rather address the underlying substance for their writing or comments. I don't know these people in a conventional manner, so I treat my responses to what they detail as such. I have no desire to offend anyone, so this method seems to be the least intrusive.

"…fresh local jalapeños, stuffed with cream cheese, crab, mushrooms, wrapped in cured swine for the grill"

There seems to be considerable deliberation these days about how things should be verses how things used to be. Baby boomers critical of millennials, millennials defiant of baby boomers, gen x pissed at both. The forty-thousand foot perspective yields yet another perspective. Basic human needs are mostly being met, yet the accent to financial independence is more of an aspect of your starting point, than your participation. Becoming a part of that 0.1% is harder to attain than just living around opportunities. In an ever more fractured family structure culture, the Human Resources necessary for economic proliferation are mostly absent. It does take a village to surround a human being with enough support, and expectations to inspire them to go beyond their personal realm of comfort to achieve something they otherwise can only imagine.

"…inspiration is vital to achieving excellence "

Relax, and enjoy your time in this life. It's precious, and comes with zero guarantees. Seemed like the thing to say there? Helping improve the lives of others will set your ass up to feel mighty dandy about yourself😎 Maybe that's the magical missing element to all the lives not being fulfilled? There are an almost endless supply of "Others" out there, and I guess it's about #compassion for me, in that the creators of the haves, don't need to be so fucking stingy about accumulating so damned much! There's more than enough abundance to go around 😍



2 thoughts on ““Inspired/By”

  1. Loved this line….Helping improve the lives of others will set your ass up to feel mighty dandy about yourself. Maybe that’s the magical missing element to all the lives not being fulfilled?
    Also, what you said about there being zero guarantees in life. I guess that’s the beauty and mystery of life. I found your post refreshingly honest and I’m looking forward to exploring more.

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