"…high mileage please"

My Dad took great pride in his mechanical prowess, such as servicing his own vehicles. Didn't make sense to him to pay someone to do something he derived satisfaction doing. He only owned one car that was brand new at purchase, everything else was used, and useless by the time he got through with it. Almost as if, extracting the final miles from an automobile was some type of quest to him. He had a brilliant mind, paired with a haunted perspective. He took many of the issues that persecuted his life from adolescence all the way to an early grave. But, he could rebuild the fuck outta a carburetor!

"…Mobil Oil"

I don't have a passion for working on mechanical things, that I can pay someone much less than what my time is worth to me. Just doesn't add up for me to utilize something that is so precious to me on something yielding no true satisfaction. All that said, my time hasn't always been this valuable to me, and I do know a thing or two about automobile's, motors, and general mechanical operations. I once rebuilt the engine of a car, directed by only a Chilton's manual. It's not that I don't know quite a bit about doing such things, it's the lack of gratification that's the deterrent.

"…thank goodness for Jiffy Lube"

This piece is about transformation, and not the kind supported by goals and objectives. Rather the kind that naturally occurs, whenever your life is about growth as an individual. I didn't wake up one day and proclaim I would no longer change my oil. I evolved into this guy, who realized his time was valuable enough to pay another person to do it for me. He has a job, and I have 7,000 miles of clean lubricant😎



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