Sadly enough, our species fails to evolve in our interpretation of skin tone variations. We continue to hide behind this ignorance when distinguishing between race and something completely unrelated…culture. So, in order to set this fucked up narrative straight, let's align the terminology with the actual issue. Hatred of any human being is based in individual ignorance rooted in the cultural surroundings of your upbringing. Therefore, people create and perpetuate this toxic interpretation of others at the family, social, community, regional, national level. It's how "affect" influences the brain. Violet speaks to this disturbing unsustainable social deviation as she pleas to stop the acknowledgment of such unacceptable behavior by those around us.

No one can ever believe in the idea of racism without understanding they choose to hate their very own story. Everyone's story follows the exact same lineage, and groups all cultures into a single group of Homo Sapiens numbering as few as possibly 50,000. Cultural divergence ebbs and flows across time and geography. Western explorers engagement of native Americans yielded the discovery of exotic treasures such as tomatoes and cocoa, that appear in every day life for nearly all of humanity. Imagine racism stopping the influences we all take for granted today. Tell Apple they can no longer associate with Chinese people. I wouldn't be writing this piece from my iPhone. Anyone feeling threatened by another culture, or aggravated to the level of hatred for others is suffering from a demented social reality, not a superiority realization. Hatred is the disease…not any type of cure!

Attaining a higher viewpoint of humanity is a monumental challenge to our species. Social Realities are so widely varied among the cultural biases existing, even the shadow of religious ideology hasn't slowed this disease of misconceptions. Consumption and Fear are the messages being delivered by the targeted slants offered through developed world governments.

"Buy some more shit to help out the economy, cause the fucking world is headed for disaster…"

It's a directive intended for calming the masses, so they don't take a run at the elite. Laws are written with the implied common context of their purpose. Human rights are identified and supported by democratic societies. Corruption in this leads to people chasing power at the expense of others. This rancid ideology trickles all the way from the top of the heap, to the guy waving a hate flag, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt. It's only know predator…knowledge that this is all constructed by bullshit, and not supported by the majority. Somehow, that majority hasn't figured that out yet?


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