Loss of lives from senseless acts of desperation or hate shock the core of everyone with a soul. Thoughts and prayers go out to those directly affected by the Manchester incident 😔



‘There is no terror in the absence of fear…”



I too attended a musical event last night. Our friends informed us at dinner prior to the concert of the attack in Manchester, and openly acknowledged a sense of fear about its effect on them. The news reports this morning perpetuate this same traumatic response to the masses as they prepare to go about their day. Fear is a powerful emotion in the human consciousness, and these cowardly acts of violence against innocent people prey off its devisive control.


“It’s easy to believe the world is covered in sand…when you spend your entire life in the desert”


Broad stroke generalizations about things touching our core, such as yesterday’s event, is not a valid approach to viewing the world at large, it’s simply the easiest lens to view from. The intended response by those who carry out such acts of atrocity is predictably, what feeds it’s purpose…fear.


“The antidote to hate…is, Love”



Isolating ourselves into scared little groups won’t relent the violence. Organizing into large groups of angry people only feeds more hostility and violence. Soothing the wounds of this abrasive retaliatory behavior by tightening the connections between us and those in our lives is a much better approach to eliminating its existence. There’s no way to police all the potential threats in the world by military methods. Citizen awareness is the only chance that humanity has in combating hatred of this magnitude. 


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