Fishing for a taco…”

“Seared Ahi Tuna Taco’s, Deep Eddy Ruby Red Cocktails…”

I got up and made homemade biscuits and gravy this morning. I simply love cooking, and well eating the end results. I’m fascinated by the sheer creativity great chefs bring to life to enhance the social experience of dining. It’s art requiring the admirer to invest before they gain any fulfillment. The anticipation from eating first with our eyes, delivers an element of anticipation many other forms of art lack. Unlike paintings and sculptures, great cuisine leaves only a memory trace to recall its beauty. My culinary works today lack the fancy presentations, or ambiance of a 3* experience…yet they connect my imagination to my life, and it feels good😍


6 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

      1. Yeah, the quac sorry, wordpress does some weird autocorrects. The rest of it looked pretty tasty. I need to post some foodie stuff coming up.


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