“Sum/   /Bitch”

“Have a blessed day…


…and, eat you a giant fucking biscuit”

Today is the gathering day for all the shit you anticipate needing for a two week adventure in far away lands. Chocolates for the flight attendants, snacks for the travelers, deodorant for the blogger. Things such as these, so all of the future attention can be used to observe the new places about to be experienced. 


This badass mutha is on my current playlist, cause you have to set the mood for the adventure prior to departure. Wrap up the shopping, and hit the brewery for some of this action…

“Hippias Major Double IPA…

…9.7% ABV”

All that’s left is packing the bags, and dropping off the hounds. Lunch with mom tomorrow, and attempting to precisely define the wardrobe without the usual overpacked fiasco. Tonight, more craft beer and a movie 😎

“…The Business”

“…Subtle Prism”



7 thoughts on ““Sum/   /Bitch”

      1. Yes, the Allman Bros. I thought he sounded familiar…I was ticking down my list of those he reminded me of: Warren Zevon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Zepplin, Clapton, Lynard Skynard, ….etc. I had not thought of the Allman Bros. yet! Excellent.

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